Can everyone buy one of the packages?

No, not everyone can buy our packages. We are screening every application. If your application gets rejected, it can have a number of reasons like:

The music is not fitting our label or objectives

We don’t have free slots for the period you want to release

The quality is not good enough in our opinion

However we like to facilitate as many bands as we can but we impossibly can get everyone on our roster. We always will send you the reason why we rejected the application.

What do you need from us when we apply?

We need information about the band and of course the material of the new album. You can send this by wetransfer to send us a download link.

What do you need when we are accepted?

We need all songs properly mastered in .AIFF format. We do not accept DDP image files. As label we will create the master.

We also need the artwork in printable form. We can provide you with the right templates and instructions

We need a good band foto (or more) and a high res logo with transparent background.

We have created a pdf file for all these points. It contains everything we need from you.

Can we sign without buying a package?

We check all bands applying and also other bands we approach. If we think that a band will fit in one of our slots we can decide to offer the band a label contract.

This can depend on many factors. Like availability of slots, good propects, available budgets and so on. 

Bands have to understand that as label we put a lot of time and effort in a project/contract and it takes usually 1 year before revenues start coming in. So we have to be very selective to choose in which bands we will invest.