What we offer are release packages. In these packages you as a band will find everything needed to release your new music. We take a lot of work off your hands with the following options:

Digital distribution.
Physical distribution. (worldwide)
CD, Vinyl and Dvd pressing.
Ddp / Image file creation.
Electronic press kit (EPK).
ISRC codes.
Website hosting.
PR / promotion.
and much more …

The service is basically for all bands in the rock, hard-rock and metal scene. However, before buying a package we want to listen to your material. If we (our team) decide it will not fit in our label or the quality does not meet our standards, we can decide not to release your album. It also depends on the number of albums in the planning. If you are accepted we will give you a realistic release date.  We will always contact you to finalize the contract or to let you know we can’t release your album.