The service is basically for all bands in the rock, hard-rock and metal scene. However, before buying a package we want to listen to your material. If we (our team) decide it will not fit in our label or the quality does not meet our standards, we can decide not to release your album. It also depends on the number of albums in the planning. If you are accepted we will give you a realistic release date.  We will always contact you to finalize the contract or to let you know we can’t release your album.


After signing the order/contract Into The LimeLight Records will operate as your label for one year.  You must put the logo’s of the label and distributor (if applicable) on your artwork. Before the end of the year is over we will review the project and can decide to continue, end the contract or maybe offer you a proper label deal.

All prices will be raised with 21% VAT according to Dutch law. If you are outside the Netherlands and have a VAT number we can remove the VAT from the invoice. Bands outside the European Union must take into account the payment of import duties on the CDs that we will delivered to you.

If you want different media to be produced like digipacks instead of cd’s or more pages in the booklet, additional fees may apply.

All packages can be changed according to your wishes but can have an effect on the price.

3. Management

Wayland Management is a professional management, booking and marketing company and active for many years and is partner to our label. You will find the information here.  Also you can hire Wayland-Management as your booking agency or sign under management. Contact us for more information.

4. Advantages      

If you decide to go for a pre-paid package, the sales revenues will be higher (up to 50% or more) than when you are signed for a “regular” label deal.  In the case of a regular label deal the label will invest time and money in the band and will take a bigger share of the revenues to cover the cost and to make profit. Break-even is not enough, both the band and the label must be able to make a profit.

5. Installments It is possible to pay in installments. You pay a fixed price up front and a monthly payment. Take notice to the fact that this can be more costly than paying the whole package in one go. We also can decide not to grand an installment plan. This depends on the amount and information we have/collect and possible risk involved.